About us

The European Union is continuously in motion. Each day new laws are issued, directives drafted and provisions designed. A tangle where you can, as an entrepreneur, hardly make sense of.

And yet the EU legislation has a large influence on the opportunities for your company. Because they know how to create space or offer protection. Or in the negative sense, because it threatens to suffocate your entrepreneurial drive.

To be timely informed of new developments and keep up-to-date are of crucial importance for the success of your business. This is exactly where BEC can help you. We offer you a thought through solution. Because we believe that you are entitled to information, we would like to inform you, council and defend your position.


BEC is located in the heart of the European district of Brussels.

BEC combines a far-reaching knowledge around tenders and European legislation with years of experience to keep you informed of the burning current standards and laws.

In addition, we have an extensive local network through which we can bring you into contact with what you need in a very personal and effective way. Because we carry out daily research work manually, we can approach our customers in a very personal way.


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For more information and prices you can reach us at: +32 2 231 07 97 or info@bectenders.eu

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